It was cool because I got a chance to speak young Black males all over the country about this new idea called Thug Life. Which is a new kind of Black power. Young black males out there identified with Thug Life and I couldn’t handle it. I could handle it, but not right away. Imagine you have 14,000 people ready to do whatever you want. When you have all over the country people waiting to hear what you want to do. All of a sudden I got people in the penitentiary, big time OG criminals, calling me telling me they want me to lead their movement.

But yall think black people love him because he was “just a rapper”..

At 25, Tupac was setting himself up to be a modern day Activist. He took all the teachings from his Black Panther mother and other role models whist growing up, and took a different approach to get his message heard, which was through rap. And made many features at events and discussions like these..

Tupac was assassinated simply because his influence over the young black males started to become uncontrollable, he become a positive light to many and woke black men from their systematic brainwashed unconscious mindset.

They didn’t want another Malcolm X on their hands,

But he was “just a rapper”…
Continue to think that, I don’t care enough to change your mind, I’m just enlightening you..

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Purposely intimidating racist old white men on public transport.

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LOVE! grow your own

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navy seals war dogs get razor sharp titanium canines that can tear through body armor “it’s like getting stabbed four times all at once by a bone crusher”

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7 signs your girlfriend is French

1. You cheek kiss like a pro.

Beard rash is never something you expected to experience as an adult male. But after your French girlfriend introduces you to her male family members, it will become a reality. Initially taken aback by this, you are now accustomed to the cheek-to-cheek hello amongst family. Accidentally breaking into that habit at a work function, however, can be a little awkward.

2. You are now part of very intense toasts.

The dinner ends and the glasses are raised to toast the host and draw attention to whatever occasion has brought you all together. For each glass gently tapping off another there is a set of eyes fixed back at you. In France, a cheers without eye contact is seven years of bad sex. Whether that’s just between you and the person you’re with, or across the board, isn’t known, but no one runs the risk.

3. You undress her like you peel an onion.

No, this is not a commentary on French peoples’ personal hygiene, but instead their approach to dressing. Layers upon layers of very small garments topped off with the non-season-specific scarf (apparently, a legal requirement in France) create the traditionally stylish French look.

4. You have an iron stomach.

Unimpressed with what most people consider a traditional meal, the French like to stretch their seven-course Sunday lunch over several hours. A plate of crudités followed by a small portion of soup starts the feast. This is followed by a pheasant’s egg steamed in the hair of an orphaned barn mouse accompanied with the marinated thyroid gland of albino grouse, coq au vin, and then the main course arrives. Just your typical French Sunday meal. As a newcomer to this, it’s important to pace yourself. Just because you didn’t think it could be consumed by humans doesn’t mean the French (your girlfriend included) haven’t been eating it for years.

5. You love the French and they love you back. Well, almost.

The traditional rude manner of the French (I’m allowed to say that, my girlfriend agrees) is no longer a problem, but that only goes for family. Welcomed with smiles and plied with wine and cheese, you will soon be dismissing the rude stereotype as a horrible misunderstanding. At least until you try to order something in a restaurant using your rudimentary French.


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feel u

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"If the truth is told, the youth can grow. They learn to survive until they gain control. Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes. Read more learn more, change the globe."

- Nas

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